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  Cyndi Dickey​


Cyndi Dickey is a seasoned singer/songwriter/musician who grew up in the Midwest and moved to Texas in the early 1980s.  Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to a family of six, all with the last name Byrne, Cyndi showed signs at an early age of having musical aptitude. Having a natural ear, Cyndi began formal training on the violin, then proceeded to other instruments thereafter to include guitar, ukulele, the up-right bass, and hammered dulcimer, filtering her skills through what she considered a “left-hander’s handicap”. Running parallel to the years of practicing instrumental skills, writing and speaking opportunities in school found the singer/songwriter/musician possessing a knack for storytelling as she paid sensitive attention to life and its various issues, laying the groundwork for the songwriting which would come later…much later!  In the meantime, Cyndi played guitar and sang in church folk groups and conducted guest appearances with several local bands before joining her first touring road band shortly following her high school graduation. For the next two years Cyndi travelled continuously throughout the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska.  Playing guitar, some violin, small percussion, and singing both lead and harmony vocals, Cyndi performed Country/Western as well as Pop cover tunes to dancing crowds, eventually leading the artist to Texas at approximately the same time that a stifled economy began effecting road bands. 
Saying goodbye to Ken Summers Enterprises, Gra-Bon Productions, Stagedoor Productions, and the three bands Patchwork, Sweet Comfort, and Mason Dixon Line, young Cyndi found herself a thousand miles from the place she was born and began working various odd jobs in order to  survive. Bottoming out in Denton, Texas Cyndi discovered within the doors of a church her truest source of meaning and significance in Jesus Christ, as well as finding the man she would eventually marry.  A series of many years ensued, always with music present, since her husband, Charlie, was also musical with his own list of instruments and accomplishments.  Together the couple began honing their craft, playing in church worship services and occasional pay-per-gig venues in Maryland and North Texas.  Over time, Cyndi went on to complete a college Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Texas in San Antonio in the field of Anthropology, after several prior moves within the state.  Working as a researcher at the Center for Archeological Research, a status quo existence continued until 2010 when Cyndi’s world was shaken by a rendezvous with cancer, and it was then that the songs began escaping from the artist’s pen.  One rapidly following another, the stories of life surrounding Cyndi demanded their way, and soon it became evident that recording would be necessary.  And so, under the Folk/Americana genre, Cyndi Dickey debuted with her first independent album release entitled “Margaret’s Guitar” on December the 10th, 2013, co-celebrating the day of her 30th wedding anniversary with Charlie.  The man who would not allow his wife’s songs to fade into obscurity within a notebook on a shelf was the spark plug needed to send her career flying! Cyndi now continues to write and record songs while preparing her new band “Margaret’s Guitar” for gigs.  Her album was recently added to Pandora Radio’s Music Genome Project and also streams on Jango/Radio Airplay throughout states and countries near and far.  Her song and/or album can be purchased on Amazon, !tunes, and CDbaby.  Cyndi invites you to visit her website at, and if you listen carefully, you may just find yourself in one of her songs!